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Worship This Sabbath, 4/9/2022:

Preparations for Building God's House

Buying a house in Riverside County cost around $200,000 20 years ago. In 2022, the average price for house has gone up to $544,000 which is 2.7 times more. In 1982, Loma Linda Chinese Church built its building where we are currently worshiping now, and back then it cost around $1.2 million. If we were to build the same church today, it would cost over 4 million. However, building a Church is like building a house for God, and it is not just about how much money we need to have. What does God want us to prepare to build His church in this time?

Our church is currently open for worship indoors in the sanctuary. All are welcome to join, and health/safety protocols have been put in place for your safety. A potluck fellowship lunch will take place after the service, so bring a plate to share!

For all who cannot join in person, we also stream services every week to the Loma Linda Chinese Church YouTube Channel. 

Loma Linda Chinese SDA Church 
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